Defies the norm, toys with socially acceptable perceptions while drawing inspiration from cult-societies, history and music. Gabrielle is an independent fashion brand based in Malta ready to saturate your wardrobe with the well desired tinge of darkness.

It all started as a side project in 2015 where the first capsule collection was launched. The following year another capsule collection entitled ''PRIPYAT'' was the one that put Gabrielle on the map, featured on The Times of Malta as the collection that stole the show during Fashion Week, leading to the first full fashion show as an established designer in 2019.

As an alternative oriented brand, our main objective is to create high quality interchangeable staple pieces that are ethically sourced and produced. ​We strongly focus on creating articles that morph into different aesthetics increasing the wearability aspect of the brand’s ideology while incorporating classical tailoring with a twist.

​Gabrielle Fenech, the creative director, along with her small team, takes pride in producing high end wardrobe staples with evident punk and new wave elements – an overall rebel aesthetic fit for this chaotic world.